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Our Mission:

Online trading and investing has revolutionized the financial investment world at a rapid and exciting rate.  However, many of these online traders have little education about the financial markets and have unrealistic expectations of the amount of money they can make.  These new online investors do not realize how much risk is involved in speculating in the stock markets.  Many use little or no risk control when they enter a position in a stock and end up losing all or much of there investment capital.

To be successful each trader/investor needs an effective trading plan.  Many times the best plans are simple and comprehensive.  This plan should always include risk control, methods of entry and exit, spotting of trends, trading tactics and technical and fundamental analysis.  Also successful trading plans do not have to be the same.  There are many ways to make money in the stock market and a profitable trading plan is developed and managed through consistency, discipline and perseverance.

The goal of this web site is to post information related to the business of trading stocks.  Daily web posts may include stock picks, charts, and other information on trading strategies.  Our primary objective is to help each trader and investor learn how to make intelligent decisions when trading or investing in the stock market.

Our trading picks and calls are made based on the studies we have done using technical analysis and on market indicators designed to be educational as well as profitable.  We often use intraday volatility,  technical charting,  supports and resistance,  Fibonacci,  candlestick patterns stochastic, NASDAQ level 2 analysis, volume, moving averages along with some fundamental analysis.  We attempt to provide reasonable entry points as well as pinpoint ranges.  We run a chatroom and a daily charting section in order to showcase stocks that may be potential break outs or pivot plays.

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